About Us


Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) – both laparoscopic and robotic assisted- is an approach to surgery that enables doctors to operate without having to make large incisions.  Patients experience less pain and blood loss, with fewer complications and faster recovery.  The doctors at Physicians and Surgeons recognized MIS as an option for patients long before the trend, and we have the MOST experience.

Many patients are surprised to find out they do not have to travel great distances for Advanced Laparoscopic Procedures.  Although many OB/GYN physicians perform laparoscopic surgery, there are large variations among physicians in their levels of experience.  Research shows a direct correlation between experience and better patient outcomes.  Our involvement in MIS is driven by a philosophy of avoiding difficult recoveries for our patients.

“This is not your Mama’s hysterectomy”………

With advances in MIGS techniques, we have been able to offer women an alternative to traditional surgery.  Robotic surgery now provides single- incision procedures that are virtually scarless.

Physicians & Surgeons is committed to EXCELLENCE in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery.  Our surgeons are highly experienced with advanced training and continuing education in gynecological care.  We continue to be on the leading edge in the use of robotic surgery and advanced laparoscopic procedures that are reducing the need for open, more invasive, surgical techniques.  This area of gynecology continues to see great progress is innovative technologies.